DECEMBER 01 2009 - Report After Party: After Party Report

while our dancing shoes are resting

First of all Thank You! to everybody that came and made this a really fun party. It was AWESOME - just ask Blake. For those who missed it here is a summary: we had projections going - home-made super 8 animations upstairs, entropy and people doing blurry tricks on motorcycles downstairs, great artwork that people brought, and a performance of live band that assembled on the spot. I am a little bummed I didn't managed to record the projections and performance (it was my seven year old Blake's first show as a base player) - but I was too busy being a hostess and saying hellos and goodbyes and, I must admit, dancing. I will be getting some party pics next week from a couple of people that took pictures during the event. For now here are some after party pictures.

Images from top left clockwise: (by-now infamous) carbonized waffles by Scott Hotchkiss, egg-shaker by Kim Haworth, Chuck by Glenn Herlihy, photo-print by Erin Shafkind, photo by Jason Hirata, music poster for Ryan Purcel, Frog Prince collage painting by Stephan Knorr, birthday card-print by Claire Cowie
middle: a very useful gift from Dona and David :)

For those who couldn't make it - you can come by and check out the space, the artwork will be hanging for another week or so and our doors are always open - when we are here - so please call or email before you come.

My thanks also goes to Scott and Janel - who helped to make all this possible - for juggling video production (thanks Brad for being our 24 hour tech support), cooking butternut squash chili and making 75 cupcakes (73 of those got eaten and to the delight of my boys 2 were still left over the next morning).

And last but not least I am thankful for our makeshift, but nevertheless fancy, railing for possibly saving many lives that night.

Still on view is also Entropy:

and Teapot Costelation:


More from our kick-off party: Projection photo by Todd Jannausch

I just received this photo of our upstairs video installation from Todd. I am happy he took the picture and I can share it here. Since I don't have my own projector yet (I had to borrow the whole set up for the party - thanks Josh) I cannot easily recreate the installation.

I am trying to figure out how to get my hands on some used digital projector (without spending tons of money - that's the hard part) - if anyone has a lead or idea please let me know.


JANUARY 3 2010 - in the news : we are in the news!

Happy new year! Bond Huberman wrote a very nice article about home_page.project in City Arts magazine. Pick up the January issue and read all about it. :)


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